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We always do our best to find art supplies locally for our programs, not only due to our approach, but also due to restrictions and costs to ship to the project location. However, sometimes we require items that cannot be easily found locally.

Reach out and we can inform you of what we currently require!

If you are interested in volunteering, or fundraising with us, reach out

Donate to a project!

Because of our approach, supplies and program operation (staff, art education) is sourced locally as much as possible, so donations are important, especially when launching the program. 100% of donations received pay for the program developent and operation. 

We are currently raising funds for the Haiti art program's 2019 local operations. 

Partner with us

Have you dreamed of creating an arts program ​with the youth you work with, or can you help us access art mediums in a community we work in?


      We would like to hear from you!


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