The Haiti Program

While our Arts and Crafts teacher comple

Launched in 2018 in partnership with Streethearts Haiti and supports their youth access dance, painting, crafts and textiles. This program includes robust dance lessons and performance opportuities, including ballet, jazz, and Afro-Carib style lessons. In addition, some of the youth go to painting lessons, working alongside a local Haitian artist each week in his studio. Finally, we have a teacher who works each week teaching some youth how to sew, make sandals, and sometimes they will do arts and crafts activities.

Some of the items made can also be sold locally, and those funds raised go back toward supporting the youth and the program. It supports:

  • buying more art supplies

  • paying local staff

  • shared savings for when the boys are older and move away from the safehouse


This program is meant to provide an opportunity for the boys to develop skills, find a positive and creative outlet, explore their creativity and identity, and to have fun exploring different art mediums of interest. Art is not normally accessible in the localy education system, so for many boys it is their first time exploring art. 


In the development of the program we spent time mapping the local art and art sales opportunites, and shared art mediiums with the boys and get their feedback on what interests them.